Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter 3-The Girl Next Door

“You’re so tight,” the man said as he picked up his pace causing Holly to dig her nails into his back.

“FUCK,” she screamed, “Right there, MIKE!”


Holly sat up and noticed an arm around her waist. Trying not to panic, she slowly turned to look at the person that it belonged to. Holly sighed in relief as she saw the blonde hair and she laid back down curling up to Jeff’s chest.

“Are you okay,” he mumbled kissing her neck.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Holly lied, “Just a bad dream.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“I can’t remember what it was about; I just know it scared me.”

“Get some sleep,” Jeff whispered pulling her closer but Holly moved away.

“I’m still pissed at you,” she said turning away from him and Jeff sighed before falling back asleep.

The next day, Jeff left for a road game in Pittsburgh and Holly had to work. Jeff tried seducing her before he left but Holly shot him down and told him to use his hand since she was done fucking an asshole.

“What’s wrong,” Lauren asked coming over to Holly’s desk at the hospital. Lauren was a couple of months older than Holly and one of her first friends there.

“Roommate problems,” Holly sighed, “Mine is a total asshole.”

“You have a male roommate,” Laure asked, “Why don’t you just sleep with him?”

“That’s how we got into this mess, he comes home from being out of town for work and we sleep together.”

“I wouldn’t be complaining,” Lauren joked, “Why is he always out of town for work?”

“You wouldn’t understand, no one knows except me and my family.”

“Is he in the mafia, I bet he’s fucking sexy with the pinstriped suit or whatever they wear.”

“He’s not in the mafia,” Holly laughed, “Not everyone knows what he does, and I’ve lost too many friends because of it.”

“You have me curious now, you’ve worked here six months and I’m just now finding out you have James Bond for a roommate.”

Holly looked around and told Lauren to lean down, “My roommate is Jeff Carter.”

“No fucking way,” Lauren said loudly earning glares from other people in the small office, “Sorry,” she whispered, “Are you serious?”

Holly grabbed her phone and pulled out a picture of her and Jeff at his beach house in Sea Isle from a couple of months prior.

“Holy shit,” Lauren said, “You are one lucky girl.”

“Lucky my ass, he’s pissed because I slept with Mike.”

“You slept with Mike Richards,” Lauren practically screamed.

“Shhh,” Holly said, “I don’t want everyone knowing my business.”

“Sorry,” Lauren said, “I’m from Mike’s hometown.”


“I moved here when I was a teenager with my parents. My mom’s from Philadelphia and my grandmother got sick with cancer and when she passed away, she left us her house and we moved here. Canada seems so far away.”

“I’m from Cherry Hill, moved into a townhouse during college, that’s where I met Jeff. We got to know each other then we started having sex from out of nowhere, long story short, he got called up to the Flyers, started making more money, and he bought a house in Old City and asked me to move in with him.”

“You are one lucky girl; you have to invite me over for dinner.”

“I need to forgive this asshole first then we’ll talk. I’m going to this Halloween party with Mike because Jeff’s being a fucking prick and is arguing with me for no reason.”

“What’d you do?”

“May or may not have had sex with Mike twice.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Lauren said, “I am seriously so jealous of you right now. I’ve always wanted a threesome with those two.”

“Been there, done that,” Holly whispered.

“No fucking way, that’s seriously so fucking hot.”

“It was hot at first now it just drives Jeff to be an even bigger asshole.”

Lauren stood there in silence not saying anything while trying to process what Holly had said, “Make sure you take pictures at the party, lunch is on me today. You took one for every girl in Philadelphia.”

Holly laughed and grabbed her purse before leaving for lunch with Lauren.

Jeff stumbled around his hotel room in Pittsburgh looking for his phone, he hadn’t heard from Holly since he left and that was two days ago. He was worried about her, he felt bad for treating her shitty but when he found out she was going to the Halloween party with Mike and not him, it made him even angrier.

Jeff vowed that when he got back to Philly, the first chick he met at a bar, he was fucking and taking to the party with him just to give Holly a taste of her own medicine.

“Bitch,” he spat as Holly slammed the door of the house shut.

“Fucking asshole,” she fired back opening the door and slamming it again.

Holly drove to Mike’s house and got ready for the party there, “You look hot,” Mike said as Holly came out of his bedroom where she was getting ready, “Carts is going to be sulking in his sorrows. You look fucking hot.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Puffin,” she replied kissing his cheek.

“I thought about it and I feel really bad about this whole thing, Jeff hates you right now. I can’t have him hating me.”

"Why? Oh I get it; it'll ruin the chemistry of the team. Newsflash, you guys are already out of the playoffs and you guys suck major ass."

"Jesus Christ, you sure know how to kick a guy when he's down."

"Just telling the truth," Holly smirked fixing her ears in the mirror, "Let's go Hef."

"After you," Mike smiled grabbing his keys off the table. Locking the door behind them, Mike and Holly got into Mike's Mercedes and headed towards the city for what was sure looking to be a memorable night.

Holly and Mike arrived at the Double Tree hotel on South Broad Street. The Halloween party was usually held at one of the guy’s houses but being that none of them had a house big enough; the team rented a ballroom at one of the hotels.

“Fucking whore,” Jeff said as he noticed Holly and Mike walking through the door.

“You’re hear with Tits R Us, why are you bitching,” Ben Eager asked.

“I wouldn’t have to fuck Tits R Us tonight if she didn’t fuck everyone and their brother lately.”

“She’s not yours; she can do what she wants. Face it man, one day you aren’t going to have her.”

Jeff waved the bartender down and threw back a shot of tequila before going back to the table where his date was dressed as a cowgirl.

Mike and Holly were talking to RJ Umberger and his girlfriend when Holly looked across the room and saw Jeff for the first time, “Who’s the whore,” Holly asked.

“I think Jeff picked her up on the corner of Broad Street on the way in here,” Cara said, “I can’t believe he’d bring that trash here.”

“He’s only doing it because we’re not getting along right now and I’m here with Mike. I really shouldn’t have called her a whore when I’m the one dressed like the playboy bunny.”

“It’s a show now right,” Ben asked, “They seem classy behind the pictures.”

“Thanks Ben,” Holly replied hugging him.

The DJ began playing and Holly shrieked in delight, “I fucking love this song,” she squealed dragging Mike out on the dance floor.

“Ms. New Booty” by Bubba Sparxx started playing in the ballroom shortly after dinner.

Holly and Mike were grinding on each other when Jeff and his puck fuck started dancing next to them.

"I'll be right back, I got to use the bathroom," Holly said excusing herself from Mike.

Holly knelt down in front of the toilet and spilled the contents of her stomach into the porcelain bowl.

There was a knock on the single bathroom door, “Someone’s in here,” Holly managed to get out.

“Holly, it’s me. Let me in,” Jeff’s voice said.

“I’m fine, I’ll be right out.”

“I’m not going away, let me in.”

“Go back to your whore,” Holly replied before puking again.

“Holly come on, just let me in,” Jeff sighed.

Holly crawled over to the door and unlocked it; Jeff pushed his way in and shut the door behind him.

“What happened,” he asked holding her hair back.

“I think it was the salmon, it started right after I was finished eating then dancing made it worse.”

Jeff knelt down behind her and held her hair back as she spilled what was left of her stomach into the bowl. Jeff reached up and grabbed a paper towel and wet it with cold water before placing it on Holly’s neck.

Holly looked over and gave Jeff a small smile, “Thanks,” she said, “Go ahead back to the party.”

“The party sucks; I’d rather stay here and have a show.”

“Gee, thanks,” Holly joked causing Jeff to laugh lightly, “Where’s the McSlut with sleaze?”

“I told her to go to hell.”

“Like I believe that, you fuck anything with a vagina.”

“You fuck anything with a dick.”

“Touché,” Jeff smiled, “She’s still out there thinking she’s going home with me. I’m not going to lie, I was going to take her home but you’re sick and I’d much rather take care of you.”

“I’m fine really; I just want to go home. I’m sorry for ruining the party.”

“You didn’t ruin it at all,” Jeff assured her, “It fucking sucks anyways.”

Holly turned her head and Jeff grabbed her hair and started dry heaving into the bowl, “Come on, you’ll never make it home. I booked a room here tonight, we’ll stay there. I have some clothes you can put on.”

Holly nodded her head and wiped her mouth with the paper towel that Jeff had placed on her neck. Tossing it in the trash, she washed her hands and left the bathroom with Jeff following behind her.

“Hey, are you okay,” Mike asked noticing how pale Holly was.

“I’m going to take her home, is that okay,” Jeff asked, “She ate something bad and it caught up to her.”

“Yeah sure, that’s fine,” Mike replied, “I’m going to stick around a little bit longer and do some shots with Ben.”

“Jeff,” the annoying voice of the slut that Jeff had brought to the party said, “Are we going upstairs or what?”

“Go fuck yourself, whore,” Holly spat, “Why would he fuck you when he can fuck me anytime he wants? I hear the Phillies are having a party down the street, why don’t you go chase Ryan Howard!”

“Really, Holly,” Jeff laughed when the slut huffed and walked out of the door, “You had to bring Howard into this.”

“Don’t worry, Jeff, I like white chocolate.”

Jeff shook his head causing Mike to laugh, “We’re going to head out,” he said as Holly gagged.

“Get her out of here before she pukes on me.”

Jeff picked Holly up in his arms and walked out of the ballroom to the elevator. Holly was almost asleep when they got to his hotel room. Jeff managed to open the door without dropping her.

Laying her on the bed gently, Jeff grabbed a pair of boxers and a wife beater tank top from his duffle bag, “Come on, sit up,” he whispered lifting Holly to a sitting position, “How the hell do you undo this thing?”

Holly stood up and turned her back towards him pointing to the zipper on the back of the costume. Jeff took her ears off and threw them on the table in the corner of the room before telling her to take off her shoes. Doing as she was told, Holly stepped out of her pink stilettos and slid the corset down her body.

Jeff felt his pants grow tight as Holly’s breasts became visible, “God Holly, please hurry up and put these on,” he said holding on the clothes he had grabbed for her.

Holly smirked and pulled the jersey shorts over her legs and rolled them so they’d fit. Sliding the tank top over her shoulders, she tied it to the side since it was big and grabbed a hair tie out of her purse to put her hair into a ponytail.

“Go ahead and lay down, I’m going to take a shower.”

Holly kissed his cheek and climbed under the blankets immediately falling asleep. Jeff grabbed a bottle of water out of the small refrigerator and a bucket. Placing them on the night stand, he shed his 1920s gangster costume and headed to the bathroom. After a cold shower to relieve the tension in his lower body, Jeff returned to bed and crawled in behind Holly wrapping his arms around her and running his hands through her hair.

The next morning, Holly woke up and felt better immediately. She had slept through the night only waking up once to go to the bathroom and drink the water that Jeff had set out for her. Holly was watching a movie on the Lifetime network when Jeff stirred awake next to her.

“Hey,” he grumbled sitting up slowly rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost noon,” Holly replied.

“How are you feeling?”

“I feel better,” she replied, “I think it was just a twenty-four hour thing.”

“Want to fuck,” Jeff asked.

“Really,” Holly asked, “That was your next question.”

“Come on, we haven’t fucked in days and I had to relieve my own sexual tension last night in the shower. I really want you right now,” he said leaning over and placing his lips on her neck.

“Jeff,” she moaned.

“Yes baby,” he whispered as he nibbled on her ear, “Tell me you want me to stop.”

Holly didn’t respond and Jeff chuckled, “That’s what I thought baby.”

“I ha-hate you,” she managed to get out before Jeff pinned her to the bed and stuck his hand in her pants.

“If you hated me, you wouldn’t be dripping wet for me, would you?”

“Go fuck yourself,” Holly spat.

“Now, why would I do that when I can fuck you right now,” Jeff replied pulling her shorts down slowly before pulling the tank top over her head.

“Fucker,” she gasped as Jeff thrusted into her at once.

“I love it when you talk dirty,” he groaned as he began moving.

“Faster,” Holly screamed as Jeff pinned her hands above her head.

“You feel so fucking good.”

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me,” Holly said managing to flip them over so she was on top.

“I fucking love it when you ride me,” he groaned as Holly sat up letting him fall part way out of her before slamming back down onto his hard member, “FUCK!”

Holly started slow then changed her pace so that both she and Jeff were satisfied, “I’m so close,” Holly moaned, “FUCK! JEFF!”

Jeff reached between them and tweaked her clit with his fingers sending both of them over the edge.

Holly collapsed on top of Jeff and they laid there panting knowing that they weren’t the only partners each other had and they sure wouldn’t be the last of each other’s sexual partners either.

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