Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter 12-So not the Drama

"Holly," Jeff called out as he walked through the door of his house on the beach in Sea Isle, New Jersey, "I'm back."

"I'm out here," she yelled and Jeff walked out to the patio where she was sitting, tanning her fair skin in the sun.

"I stopped and got you some food on the way here," he said, "I grabbed some pizza, ice cream, cookies, brownies, pretty much everything I know you crave."

Holly smiled as Jeff's hands travelled to her now four month’s pregnant stomach. Jeff thought Holly looked beautiful in the black and pink polka dotted maternity bathing suit that she was wearing.

Holly ran her nails through Jeff's scalp as he leaned down to kiss her stomach. He really surprised her since the drama at the hospital when they found out she was pregnant. He would always rub or kiss her belly and whisper to the baby. What surprised her most was how attentive he was to her, Holly and Lauren had been laid off from their jobs at the hospital and the Flyers season was over which meant her and Jeff had a lot of time together.

Even though she was capable of doing things herself, Jeff would help her get dressed or take a shower. He'd help her put her shoes on, and then tell her how beautiful she was. He was definitely changing and Holly liked the person he was becoming.

"Do you want to find out what we're having next week at the appointment," Holly asked as she dipped her pizza in the chocolate milk that Jeff bought.

Jeff scrunched his face in disgust before smiling at Holly who was glaring at him, "Yeah," he replied, "I got a bet going with Mike. He thinks it's a girl but I know it's a boy."

"I don't care either way as long as it's healthy," Holly said chugging down the milk before ripping the lid off the chocolate ice cream.

Jeff laughed as she ate the ice cream from the carton, "Want some," Holly asked holding the spoon out to him. Jeff smiled and took the bite from the spoon.

"Can I tell you something without you getting mad," Jeff asked.

Holly didn't know what to expect and didn't give a response as Jeff sighed, "Riley wants a paternity test done. He thinks the baby is his. Well, Holly does anyway."

Holly rolled her eyes and laughed sarcastically, "You're kidding me, right? That bitch is trying to get me to miscarry."

"I wish that I was, but I'm not. They have those fluid tests, with the one, you can miscarry but the other one is safe. They stick a needle in your vagina and use an ultrasound to test the cells that had produced the egg."

"You really have a way with words, but if it will get them to leave us alone then yeah, we'll get it done."

"I'm sorry if I upset you," Jeff said eating another bite of ice cream from Holly's spoon.

"I want to go swim." she said changing the subject, "I haven't been down there yet today."

"We’ll go down later. I was going to take a nap for a little bit. I’m tired from driving all morning.”

Holly looked at the clock that read it was noon, Jeff had been driving since 8 am, “I’ll wake you up at 1, is that okay?”

“One sounds good; don’t go outside until we go down to the beach. It’s too hot outside and I don’t want you passing out. Bake the brownies that I got you.”

“Okay,” Holly smiled excitedly.

Jeff laughed as he kissed her quickly on the lips and walked into his bedroom. Holly began making the brownie mix and when they were done, she put them on the counter to cool before lying down on the couch. Jeff woke up a short while later and found Holly asleep.

Jeff took it upon himself to put the fudge icing on the brownies. Holly woke up and found Jeff in the kitchen and wiped a blob of fudge on his chest, “You are going to get it,” he said smiling as Holly laughed and took the spatula from his hands.

“You suck at this,” she said as Jeff wiped at his chest with a napkin.

Jeff smiled before going outside on the patio. Holly washed her hands and joined him on the deck, “I love it here,” she said, “It’s so peaceful.”

“It is,” Jeff agreed, “Ready to go swimming?”

Holly smiled as they made their way down to the sand, she was starting to get used to being by Jeff’s side.

The next week, Holly and Jeff found themselves back in Philadelphia for Holly’s doctor’s appointment. She was close to four and half months pregnant now and they would be able to find out the gender of the baby that she was carrying.

The doctor performed the paternity test first that Riley had asked for and took the sample that he collected from Holly’s stomach and Jeff to the lab so that they’d have it when they left. Holly sat on the table with Jeff by her side making her laugh by playing with the medical equipment. Jeff was caught when the doctor returned, blushing Jeff sat down in the chair and Holly laughed at his ears that were redder than his face.

The baby’s heartbeat filled the room as the doctor moved the ball over Holly’s stomach. Jeff stood next to her with his arms crossed over his chest, “There’s the head,” the doctor said as the baby’s face appeared on the screen.

Holly smiled as the baby sucked its thumb. The doctor moved the ultrasound lower and smiled, “Do you guys want to know what you’re having?”

Jeff smiled and Holly nodded looking at the screen, “Congratulations! It’s a boy!”

Jeff laughed before leaning down to kiss Holly on the lips, “It’s a boy,” he whispered and Holly’s eyes filled with tears.

“We’re having a boy,” she said, “Oh my God!”

“Everything looks good,” the doctor said, “Schedule an appointment for next month. We’ll get these pictures printed off and get the results of the test back then send you on your way.”

Holly and Jeff were in the room texting rapidly on their phones when the doctor returned with the results of the test.

“Congratulations Mr. Carter, you are having a baby boy,” he smiled handing Jeff the folder. Jeff opened it up and saw that his DNA matched 99.99%.

Jeff shook his hand before helping Holly up from the table. They walked to the car and Jeff couldn’t help the smile from spreading wider across his face. The test confirmed what he already knew and he looked forward to showing his son how to play hockey. Holly was happy it was a boy but deep down she still wanted a girl. Jeff drove back to Sea Isle where Mike and Lauren were waiting for them. He was so over the drama with Riley and was looking forward to the birth of his baby boy.