Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapter 8-Revenge is the Best Medicine

Holly pulled into Mike's driveway as the tears threatened to fall. Lauren and Jeff had betrayed her, you don't screw around with someone's fuck buddy, it's just girl code. Jeff was on her shit list too for fucking her best friend.

Holly knew she had no reason other than Lauren breaking girl code to be mad; but she felt like her heart was ripped out of her chest, and she didn't know why.

Mike answered the door sleepily, wearing nothing but Flyers sweatpants and his brown curly hair was messed up slightly, "Holly," he said as he leaned against the door frame, "What are you doing here this late?"

Holly didn't respond, instead, she pushed her way into the house and shut the door behind her pressing Mike against it as her lips crashed down upon his

"Holly," he said when he had finally managed to pull away, "What's wrong?"

"Lauren," she began as a few stray tears fell down her face, "She--I walked in on her having sex with Jeff."

That was all Mike needed to hear, he had no time to be angry at his best friend, or the girl he was close to asking to be his girlfriend. He grabbed Holly by the waist roughly, slamming her hips against his before crashing his lips to hers.

Holly fumbled with her scrub top before pulling it over her head as Mike quickly pulled her pants off before picking her up. Holly wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her towards the couch in the living room.

“We shouldn’t do this, it’s not fair to them,” Mike said.

“What’s fair is foul and foul is fair, what they did is foul and we need to be fair with them. Please Mike,” Holly begged, “Mike, the girl you were going to ask to be your girlfriend fucked your best friend and my two best friends just fucked each other.”

Holly didn’t have time to react as Mike buried his face in her core. Holly gasped as Mike took his clit it his mouth and sucked on it before lapping at her.

“Oh God,” she panted as he changed his patterns on her before plunging two fingers into her. Holly went over the edge and arched her back off the couch, “Mike,” she screamed as his lips claimed hers again. Mike groaned as Holly reached between them and ran her hands over Mike’s dick. Mike leaned his head back as Holly jerked him off.

“I need to be inside you, right now,” he groaned as he felt himself ready to blow his load on Holly’s stomach.

“Condom,” she whispered and Mike reached into the couch cushions and pulled out a Magnum.

Mike rolled the condom over his erection before pushing into Holly. Holly gasped as Mike slid out all of the way before ramming back into her.

Mike sent Holly over the edge a short while later reaching between then to tweak her clit with his thumb, “FUCK,” she screamed as he collapsed on top of her.

Mike sat up pulling Holly with him carrying her upstairs to his room. Mike gently laid her on the bed before walking out of the room into the bathroom. Holly heard him turn on the faucet of the tub; Mike returned and smiled at her lightly.

“Take a hot bath,” he whispered into her hair before kissing her forehead. Holly smiled and walked next door to the bathroom. Holly leaned her head back against the wall and let the hot water relax her. The water turned cold before she decided to clean her body and return to Mike’s room.

When she returned, Mike was sitting in bed watching TV. He had his sweatpants back on and Holly noticed her clothes folded neatly on the dresser, Mike smiled over at her as she entered the room. She was wrapped in a towel and Mike gestured to the t-shirt on the bed that he had grabbed for her. Holly stepped into the hallway and put the shirt on before turning around and going back into the room.

“Want to talk about it,” Mike asked as Holly lay down on the bed.

“I told you everything,” Holly said, “I came into the door from work and I heard moaning, I walked into the dining room and saw Jeff fucking her.”

Holly started crying and Mike pulled her into his arms and held her while she cried, “I care about him a lot,” Holly said, “More than I thought, do you know what it was like walking into the house I share with him and seeing him fucking someone that wasn’t me? I don’t want to be with him but damn Mike, he could have told me that he wanted to see other people. I do it all of the time; I don’t know why it’s such a big deal.”

Mike smiled at her blubbering as she became incoherent and fell asleep. Mike kissed her temple before turning over and going to sleep. Mike woke up to the sound of his phone ringing on the nightstand.

“Hello,” he answered groggily.

“Where is she,” Jeff asked, “I know she’s with you.”

“Who,” Mike replied knowing just who Jeff meant.

“Holly,” he snapped.

“Yeah, she’s here,” Mike said, “We’re sleeping.”

“What do you mean ‘we’re sleeping?’?”

“Well since you think it is okay to fuck her best friend and the girl that was almost my girlfriend, she came over and we fucked. How does it feel, Jeff?”

“You son of a bitch,” Jeff yelled, “You fucking knew that I loved her. I was fucking drunk and Lauren was here.”

“That’s no excuse, Jeff,” Mike replied, “You of all people know how Holly feels about trust. I seem to be the only one she can now since Riley dicked her over, and by the looks of it…you and Lauren have too. Holly will be staying with me until this blows over.”

“You honestly think I am going to let her stay with you?”

“Newsflash Jeff, you don’t own her and you don’t tell me what to do. Now please, leave me alone and go fuck Lauren.”

Mike ended the call and slammed threw the phone across the room before putting his arm around Holly’s waist to fall asleep.

Holly woke up the next morning with swollen eyes. Mike was nowhere to be found but there was a note on the mirror of the bathroom letting her know that he would be home after the afternoon game the Flyers were playing that day. Holly saw that he had invited her to stay with him but she couldn’t stay here. She felt guilty for betraying Lauren even though Lauren betrayed her by having sex with Jeff.

Holly threw on her clothes from the night before and headed back to her and Jeff’s house. Holly locked the door behind her and walked into the kitchen. Sighing to herself, she grabbed the Lysol cleaner from under the kitchen sink and the dish towel from the oven handle before going into the dining room. Squirting every square inch of the table, Holly began disinfecting the now tainted table. Holly was finished cleaning the oak table that she had bought when they moved in when she saw the image of Jeff and Lauren in front of her eyes again. Sliding down the wall and burying her face into her knees, she started crying. Throwing the cleaner and the dish towel across the room, Holly stood up and grabbed her phone out of her purse.

She immediately dialed the number that she wished she didn’t remember to ask for help from the man she swore she’d stay away from. When he answered, Holly asked if he could come help her move the table to the trash. He agreed and told her he’d be there in fifteen minutes.

Holly took that time to take a shower and change her clothes. When she was finished, she heard the doorbell ring. Walking down the steps, she saw the tattooed arms of Riley Cote standing on the porch.

“Hey,” he smiled nervously as Holly opened the door.

“Hi,” she greeted, “Thank you for coming over.”

“You know I’d do anything for you,” Riley said hugging her.

“Can you help me move the table to the trash?”

“It’s a nice table, why would you want to get rid of it?”

“Jeff fucked Lauren on it last night.”

“Jeff fucked your best friend?”

“Did you expect anything less from him,” Holly asked sarcastically.

“I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, he’s a pig.”

“So are you,” Holly mumbled causing Riley to shoot her a pointed look.

Riley walked into the dining room and Holly helped him lift the table. Riley dropped his keys as they were walking out of the door, “You dropped your keys,” Holly said as they turned the table sideways to get it out of the house.

“Leave them there, we’ll get them when we come back in.”

They sat the table on the curb and walked back up the walkway to the house, “Do you need anything else,” Riley asked as he bent down to pick up his keys.

Holly didn’t respond, instead she wrapped her arms around him and uttered the words she never thought she’d say again, “Meet me somewhere tonight,” she whispered against his chest inhaling the scent of his cologne that she loved.

“You got it,” he smiled pulling away to give her a kiss, “Meet me at the Double Tree over on South Broad at 7.”

Holly smiled as Riley walked towards his car, she knew she would regret it but she didn’t care because Jeff Carter was dead to her. Meeting Riley would make him angry and she laughed to herself because revenge was the best medicine and Jeff was getting a taste of his own.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chapter 7-I Think I Lo...

“Faster Jeff,” Holly moaned as Jeff thrusted inside of her. She wasn’t used to Jeff taking his time with her. He always gave it to her how she wanted it, rough and fast. That’s what made their sex life great, they both loved rough, hard, fast sex that would make the neighbors one street over hear their moans but what Holly didn’t know was Jeff was tired of it.

Jeff never once complained about their sex life and the only time he had one night stands was on the road when Holly couldn’t be there. Holly was there for him and wanted sex just as much as he did, therefore, that’s why they started this whole “roommates with benefits” thing that they had going.

“God, baby, you feel so good,” Jeff moaned silencing Holly’s scream in his mouth as his lips met hers as he sent her over the edge. Tonight was all about Holly, Jeff made his decision to show her what making love felt like. You heard it right, Jeff was in love with Holly. Over the last month, it took Riley coming back into her life and breaking her heart again for Jeff to realize that he wanted her and only her.

“Jesus Christ,” Holly gasped, “Fuck me already!”

Jeff groaned in defeat, picking up his pace as Holly fisted the sheets beneath her. Holly screamed Jeff’s name at the top of her lungs before arching her back off the bed. Jeff took the opportunity to pay attention to her breasts as he continued his thrusts.

At twenty-one years old, Jeff had had his fair share of women from the time he was 17; but right now, he was at a point in his life where all he wanted was that one person he could come home to that would love him for who he was and not the million dollar paycheck that he brought home. Jeff had known Holly from the time he was 19 when he played for the Phantoms. In the two years that they had known each other, Jeff never thought that they would be living together two years later when he made the big league and moved into a bigger house taking her with him. Holly was a struggling student at the time, and Jeff bought the house with her agreeing to pay all utilities and they’d split the cost of the food down the middle since Jeff had healthy things and Holly had her junk food that they occasionally shared.

Jeff moaned as he came like he had never came before, he collapsed on top of Holly and continued kissing her as he ran his hands through her hair. Jeff rolled off of her and onto his side keeping an arm around her waist.

“What the hell has gotten into you,” she asked as Jeff kissed her collarbone.

“Holly, the truth is, I lo-,” he went to say when her cell phone rang on the nightstand.

“Ignore it,” Jeff whispered as he kissed up her jaw ready to confess the words that he had almost said.

“I can’t, it might be the hospital calling me back in,” Holly said reaching for the iPhone.

Jeff got out of bed and walked into the bathroom slamming the door behind him when he saw Riley’s name flash on the screen causing Holly to stand up, pick up her clothes, and head into her bedroom.

Jeff didn’t know how much longer he could take being the shoulder that Holly cried on. He was fed up with picking up the pieces for her, he cared about her a lot more than she knew and each time she went back to Riley, it killed him knowing she was going to get her heart broken again. It was beyond his control. Jeff took a shower and walked back into his bedroom.

Jeff didn’t pay attention to his bed where Holly was returned wearing one of his t-shirts that she had taken out of his dresser while he was in the shower. Jeff removed his towel throwing on a pair of black boxer shorts before turning around and sighing as he saw Holly sound asleep on the bed. Even though he was mad at her for answering Riley’s phone call, he didn’t deny that he loved holding her in his arms at night every now and then when they slept with each other.

Jeff pulled the blankets back and pressed himself against Holly’s back. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he kissed her shoulder.

“I love you,” he whispered knowing she was sound asleep and wouldn’t hear it. Jeff turned the lamp off and fell asleep vowing that the next morning; he’d make Holly see what she had right in front of her.

Holly woke up to find Jeff’s side of the bed empty. She walked into her bedroom to shower and get ready for work. When she was finished, she walked downstairs to find Jeff flipping a pancake on the griddle that his parents had gotten him when he bought the house.

“Hey,” he said as Holly sat down at the counter.

“Hi,” she smiled as he handed her a glass of orange juice, “Do you have practice today?”

“Yeah, but not until three, what time do you start work?”

“I start at noon,” Holly replied looking at the clock.

“Good thing you have an hour to eat then,” Jeff smiled setting the plate down in front of her.

“You should cook in your boxers more often! You are going to make your future wife a very happy woman when she wakes up.”

Jeff sighed turning off the griddle before taking a seat at the counter across from Holly, it was now or never, “Holly, listen, can we talk?”

“Yeah, sure,” she smiled suddenly feeling nervous, “Is everything okay?”

“I’m not sure how much longer I can do this,” Jeff began.

“Do what? Cook?”

“No, not cook,” he said laughing, “Holly, I don’t know how to say this but I think I lo…,” he went to finish when the doorbell rang clearly not agreeing with Jeff’s confession.

Jeff groaned as Holly stood up and headed towards the foyer, “What the hell are you doing here,” he heard her ask as he rounded the corner and saw the tattooed arms of Riley Cote in the doorway.

“What’s up, Jeff,” Riley greeted and Jeff nodded his head in the older man’s direction.

“Not much, man, how are you?”

Jeff wanted to throw the door open and beat the shit out of him but he knew it would hurt Holly since part of her still loved Riley. Jeff excused himself and went upstairs where he stood by the railing out of sight where he could hear everything.

“Can we talk,” he heard Riley ask.

“You’re not welcomed here,” Holly replied, “I told you to leave me alone last month, what part of that didn’t you understand. I’ve been ignoring your calls for a reason, just leave me alone.”

“Holly, please,” Riley pleaded, “Five minutes.”

“Go home to your wife, Riley,” Holly replied and Jeff heard the door slam. Jeff smirked to himself clearly proud of Holly not giving into the man that had broken her heart on more than one occasion.

“Jeff, I’m going to work, I’ll call you when I get a lunch break,” she said and Jeff told her goodbye as he heard the door slam.

“Fucking prick,” Jeff said grabbing the crystal candy dish from the hallway and throwing it against the wall causing it to shatter.

Holly sat at her desk at work with Jennifer, a nurse who had just been hired, Lauren was off tonight.

“Holly, there’s a visitor for you,” Patricia, the nurse at the main station down the hall said on the intercom.

“I’ll be down in a minute,” Holly said standing up.

“How often do you get visitors,” Jennifer asked.

“Never,” Holly replied curious as to who was there to see her.

She rounded the corner and rolled her eyes as she saw the brown curly hair hanging out from underneath the backwards Flyers hat, “Hey,” Riley smiled handing her a bouquet of roses, “Delivery for Holly Petersen.”

“Riley,” she whispered, “Don’t do this here!”

“Holly,” he whispered, “Please.”

“I’m Holly,” she smiled, “Thank you, I wonder who they’re from.”

Riley sighed in defeat, told Holly to have a nice day and got on the elevator.

“What pretty flowers,” Patricia said, “Who are they from?”

“The married man I fell for that doesn’t know I want nothing to do with his ass anymore. Here you go, enjoy the roses.”

“Holly,” Patricia gasped, “Are you sure? They’re beautiful.”

“Take them, I don’t want them,” Holly reassured her ripping the card in half and tossing it in the trash before walking back to the nurse’s station. It was going to be a long night without Lauren working for her to vent to.

Jeff shuffled to pull on his jeans as he headed down the steps, “I’M COMING,” he yelled, “Hold your fucking horses.”

Jeff opened the door and saw Lauren standing on the other end with brown bags in her arms from the liquor store, “Hey Jeff,” she said with a smile, “Is Holly home yet?”

“Nope, she’s not due home until midnight maybe one depending on who relieves her. You are more than welcomed to come in and wait if you share the booze.”

Lauren laughed as Jeff held the door open for her to come in. Lauren took a mental image of his bare chest in her brain and willed herself not to sweat as she saw his abs and arms flex when he took the bags from her.

Jeff grabbed orange juice from the refrigerator and ice from the freezer while Lauren opened the bottles of vodka that she had bought. Jeff filled glasses with ice as Lauren filled glasses more than halfway with vodka as Jeff finished them off with orange juice.

They sat at the counter talking about Holly and Riley as well as Lauren hanging out with Mike. Half an hour later, they were both drunk after they started drinking the whiskey straight from the bottle.

“I fucking lava her,” Jeff slurred, “But all she fucking caress about is Riley. Fuck Riley!”

“He’s an ash hole,” Lauren slurred, “You’s so mush better lookings! I would totally fuck you! Whoops,” she burped as her and Jeff laughed.

“What do I have to do for her to love me back,” he asked, “I can’t take this shush no more.”

“I’ll fush you,” Lauren giggled and Jeff stood up pressing her back into the counter claiming his lips with her own. Before they could register what was happening, bottles were on the floor spilling their contents as Jeff and Lauren made the biggest mistake.

Holly finished her shift and headed home saying goodbye to Patricia and Jennifer as she headed to the parking garage. Turning on her phone, she was half way home when her phone rang.

“Don’t hang up,” Riley said, “Did you at least like the flowers?”

“Patricia loved them,” Holly replied.

“Who the fuck is Patricia,” Riley asked?

“The lady that called me out to come get your pity gift, I don’t want your pity, Riley. I want you but you don’t want me.”

“That’s not true,” he sighed, “I want you so bad.”

“I’m not going to be second best to your wife. I’m done, Riley, I mean it,” Holly said hanging up the phone despite Holly’s protests.

Holly saw Lauren’s car parked in the driveway and she sighed in relief, she had someone to vent to for the next how many hours after she changed her clothes. Opening the door, she heard moaning coming from the dining room. Walking into the kitchen, she saw Jeff’s ass as he pounded into someone who was moaning his name.

The female turned her head and Holly gasped, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE,” she shouted as Jeff stopped and suddenly came to his senses as he realized it was Lauren he was having sex with.

“Holly,” Lauren said sitting up pushing Jeff away from her.

“Holly,” Jeff said stepping towards her pulling up his jeans, “Let me explain.”

“Fuck you both,” Holly replied walking out of the house towards her car with Jeff chasing after her.

Holly watched as Jeff stood hunched over on the lawn watching her drive off, she was going to the one person’s house she knew she could trust and that person wasn’t Jeff or Lauren who Holly had just vowed to make pay for backstabbing her.