Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 2-The Sweetest Sin

Jeff came home from his afternoon game against the New York Rangers to find a note on the kitchen counter from Holly. Picking it up to read it, he slammed the note down on the counter and grabbed the dinner plate that Holly had left for him out of the refrigerator along with a beer.

Jeff took the aluminum foil off of the plate and put it in the microwave before going into his room to change out of his suit. Placing his suit on the rack in the hall where he always put it so that Holly would take it to the dry cleaner across the street from where she worked, he went back into his room.

Removing his pants and dress shirt, Jeff walked back towards the kitchen clad in just his boxers, Grabbing the plate out of the microwave, he sat down at the counter and started reading the note that Holly left for him again.


I went shopping for a Halloween costume; feel free to eat the chicken parmesan that I laced with arsenic, so I can kill your fucking ass. If I’m not home by eleven, then I’m not coming home and you can go fuck yourself and I hope you fucking die.

XOXO, Holly.

“Fuck you bitch,” Jeff said crumbling the note in his hand and tossing it in the trash can. Sniffing the chicken just in case she did lace it with something, Jeff took a bite. When nothing happen after the first bite, Jeff ate it then went into the refrigerator to look for leftovers that he knew were there since Holly made enough for his teammates too in case they decided to come over for dinner after the game.

When he was finished, he put his plate in the dishwasher and went into the living room. Turning on the Xbox and the TV, Jeff grabbed his headset and began a round of Madden 07 with Ben Eager and RJ Umberger.

Holly walked around the King of Prussia mall looking for something she could turn into a costume or just find a costume. Walking into the Spencer’s Gifts, Holly looked around their Halloween section. Looking at the Playboy bunny costume, she pulled out her phone to call Mike.

“Hey, Holly,” he said when he finally answered, “What’s up?”

“Not much, out shopping for a Halloween costume and I just found the perfect costume but I need you to buy the one that matches in order for this to work.”

“What costume is it?”

“I was going to be a playboy bunny but I need you to be Hugh Hefner in order to make this work.”

“I’ll do it,” Mike laughed, “But I think you should ask Jeff first.”

“I’m not asking him shit.”

“Are you still mad at him?”

“Come on, Mike, mad isn’t the word. Like honestly, he acted like a little fucking kid and has given me the silent treatment every day this week.”

“No sex?”

“If I was getting sex, I wouldn’t be as pissy as I am right now.”

Mike laughed and Holly could have punched him in the face if he was in front of her, “Are you going to be Hugh Hefner or not?”

“I’ll be Hugh,” Mike said, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the King of Prussia mall shopping for a Halloween costume.”

“Want to meet me for dinner tonight? The guys are all pissed off about the game and don’t want to go out and I really don’t want to go out by myself.”

“Sure,” Holly said, “Just tell me where to meet you.”

“I was going to come meet you now if that’s okay.”

“I’m actually in a Victoria’s Secret jogging outfit right now and I look a mess. I’m going to go home and take a shower then get dressed, where are we going?”

“I was thinking South Philly Bar and Grill, is that okay with you? If not, we can go somewhere else.”

“That’s fine,” Holly said grabbing the costumes off the shelf before heading to the cash register, “Just text me when you are on your way to pick me up, I’m going to pay for these then I’m going to go home and hopefully the jackass is fucking passed out drunk and sleeping because if he says one word, I’m going to fucking kill him.”

Mike laughed, “Be ready at seven and I’ll pick you up.”

“What time is it now,” Holly asked.

“It’s five thirty.”

“Ugh, fuck! Go figure, you would leave me only an hour and a half to get dressed when it takes half an hour to get home.”

“Shut up,” Mike laughed, “Just be ready at seven.”

“Alright, bye,” Holly smiled hanging up the phone before paying for the costumes.

Driving home in silence was the best thing that Holly could have asked for but it also made her think. Both she and Jeff had never gone this long without talking to each other and it made her really angry that Jeff was giving her the silent treatment because she slept with someone else.

Holly knew she wasn’t the only girl that Jeff slept around with and she didn’t know why it bothered him so much that she had slept with Mike. It’s not like Mike was the first guy Jeff knew that Holly slept with. There were others but Jeff didn’t know and Holly now knew why she kept it that way.

Shutting the car off after pulling into the garage, Holly made her way through the kitchen. Jeff was sprawled out on the couch in his boxers playing Madden 07 and yelling into the headset.

“Ever heard of clothes,” she asked as she walked by.

“Fuck you, it’s not like you’ve never saw me naked before,” Jeff fired back as he continued to talk to whoever he was talking to on the headset. Holly presumed it was either Ben or RJ.

Holly rolled her eyes and walked into her bedroom shutting the door behind her and locking it. It took all she could not to pause the game that Jeff was currently playing, so that she could have her way with him.

Throwing her clothes into the hamper, she walked into her bathroom and turned on the shower. Finishing in less than five minutes, a new record for herself, she dried her hair and opened her closet to look for something to wear.

It wasn’t a date with Mike, just two friends hanging out. They did it all of the time with Jeff and the other guys, so why would tonight be any different?

Deciding on a black denim skirt that went slightly passed her knees and denim booties to match with a light blue hooded shirt that Derian and Heather had bought her for her birthday; she sprayed her perfume lightly when she heard a car horn out front. Throwing her wallet, lipstick, and phone into her Coach wristlet that she had gotten from Jeff as a present, she walked to the living room.

“Where are you going,” Jeff asked pausing the game.

“I’m going out.”

“With who,” he asked.

“None of your damn business.”

“Fuck you then,” he said as she slammed the door behind her. Jumping up from the couch, Jeff walked towards the door and that’s when he noticed her outfit and he had to swallow the lump that was in his throat as he watched her ass sway from side to side in the tight skirt.

Jeff felt the blood rush to his head when he noticed it was Mike who was waiting for her. It made him angrier when he saw her lean over the console and give Mike a kiss on the cheek.

Storming into the living room to grab his phone off of the coffee table, Jeff opened up a new text to Holly’s number.

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

“How’d you get by the nazi,” Mike joked as they headed to South Philly.

“Told him to go fuck himself and walked out of the door,” Holly replied as she pulled the iPhone out of her wristlet.

“Who was it,” Mike asked already knowing who it was.

“That would be Jeff asking me what the fuck I think I am doing.”

Mike smiled and patted her knee, “Tell him going to watch the Phillies in the playoffs while getting hammered with his best friend since he wanted to be a jackass.”

“He can suck my nonexistent dick!”

“Such harsh words!”

“Fuck you!”

Mike laughed as they arrived at the South Philly Bar and Grill. Quickly ordering a pitcher of beer, they sat down at the bar and watched the game going unnoticed for a little while.

“Ever done a body shot before,” Holly asked as she looked at Mike from across the table.

Mike grinned, “Come on Holly, do I look like a guy who has never tried body shots?”

“I guess that was a stupid question!”

Mike smirked before standing up, “Pick your poison: Jose or Jim?”

“Well since we just did four shots of my boy Jack, I’m going to pick his BFF Jim.”

“Jim Beam it is,” Mike said before heading to the bar.

Holly’s phone vibrated across the table and when she picked it up, she saw that she had another text message from Jeff.

Where R U?

I’m out!

Can I come meet U?

I don’t think that’s a good idea

Y because ur with Mike?

That’s none of your business

I think it is my business when 2 of my best friends R fucking behind my back

We’re not fucking behind your back

Y R U out with him then?

Jeff, just go fuck yourself and leave me alone

Mike came back to the table smiling with a bottle of Jim Beam. Holly turned her phone off and put it in her wristlet before setting it on the booth next to her.

“Come on, lay on the table,” Mike smirked as Holly laid back and lifted her shirt. Mike placed a cherry in her mouth and poured the liquor in her belly button. He flicked the ring with his finger and smiled as he leaned down and sucked the alcohol off her stomach before taking the cherry in his mouth.

“Good thing we’re in the back part of the bar.”

“Who gives a fuck, I’ve been photographed doing everything but having sex in public.”

“…and you’re proud of that,” Holly laughed as Mike silenced her by putting another cherry in her mouth.

Danielle moaned as Mike slowly licked around her belly button before sucking the alcohol in his mouth and sucking the cherry from her lips.

“How inappropriate,” someone said breaking both Holly and Mike out of their little world in the back of the bar, “You young people have no respect for anyone nowadays.”

“Oh grandma, you’re just jealous that I can make him hard without the help of Viagra.”

Mike buried his face in Holly’s shoulder to silence his laugh, “Young lady, I hope your mother knows that she gave birth to a little harlot.”

“Please grandma, your mother gave birth to a bitch.”

“How dare you,” the woman gasped, “I’m only fifty-five.”

“Fifty-five is the new ninety-five, you’ll be kicking the bucket soon, don’t worry.”

“Holly,” Mike choked trying not to laugh once again, “That’s enough!”

“I’m sure this pig of a man is just using you for sex, that’s what they all want.”

“Being the nymphomaniac that I am, he can use me for sex until he drains me dry. I’m always up for a good fuck from a hot man, speaking of which, come on Mike, I still haven’t given you that road head that I promised you.”

“Slut,” the woman muttered.

“If that makes me a slut for blowing this gorgeous man as we fly down the highway then so be it,” Holly smirked grabbing Mike’s hand and her wristlet before leading him out of the bar.

“What the fuck just happened,” he asked as they got in the car.

“Grandma started talking shit, so I put that bitch in her place, that’s what happened.”

Mike just shook his head and pulled out of the parking lot, “Where to now?”

“Just keep driving, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

“Why do I have a feeling you’re going to tell me to drive off of a cliff?”

“That’s only Jeff that I’d tell to do that.”

Mike laughed as they drove on the highway, “Take that exit,” Holly said pointing her finger to the Haddonfield exit where they crossed the Ben Franklin bridge into the small New Jersey town.

“Now where,” he asked.

“There’s a spot under the bridge where I always go to clear my head, we’ll pull in there.”

Mike followed Holly’s directions and he pulled into the parking space that was close to the water.

“Wow, it’s beautiful out here,” he said as he turned the car off.

“Yeah it is,” Holly sighed reclining her seat back.

Mike looked over and saw she had her eyes closed. Mike reclined his seat back and followed suit. Holly opened her eyes and climbed over Mike so that she was straddling him.

“What are you doing?”

“Something that Jeff and I have never done and something that has had me hot and bothered since the incident at the bar,” Holly said kissing him and Mike brought his seat up so that she was on his lap with her but against the steering wheel.

Mike wrapped his arms around her waist and started sucking on her neck before removing her shirt, “Fuck,” he said as he saw she wasn’t wearing a bra, “Are you trying to kill me?”

“That’s the idea,” Holly smirked hitting the button to recline Mike’s seat. Holly slid into the passenger seat and unzipped Mike’s pants. When his erection sprang free, Holly kiss the tip of his penis before she took him in her mouth.

“Oh God,” Mike groaned throwing his head back.

“MMM,” Holly moaned against him causing him to moan and grab her hair as he leaned up on his elbows to watch her suck him off.


“You like that,” she asked as his tip touched the back of her throat while she worked his balls with her hand.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he said bucking his hips, “I want to fuck you!”

“Well then, fuck me,” she said pulling her panties down her legs from under her skirt before climbing over Mike. Mike reached in the console and grabbed a condom. Holly rolled it over his length before she lowered herself down onto him and Mike bucked his hips as she began riding him.

“MOTHERFUCKER,” Holly screamed, “Mike, you feel so good.”

“I could fuck you every day of the week and never get tired of it,” Mike said flipping them over so Holly was on the bottom.

Mike pulled out completely and thrusted back into Holly who screamed his name and Mike smirked as he sucked her neck, “You’re so fucking hot, you know that. I love it when you act like a slut.”

“Fuck you,” she smirked.

“Baby, what do you think I’m doing,” Mike whispered huskily as Holly clenched herself around him.

“I’m so close,” she whispered as Mike hit her gspot and reached between them to tweak her clit with his thumb.

“SHIT,” he screamed as Holly exploded all over him. Mike soon followed spilling into the condom before collapsing on Holly. Mike ran his fingers through Holly’s hair as they laid on top of one another in the Mercedes.

“That was amazing.” Holly smiled giving him a kiss.

“Come on; let’s get you home before Jeff calls the cops.”

Holly smiled as Mike sat in the passenger seat pulling on his pants and his shirt. Zipping her skirt, Mike told her to drive since she was already in the driver’s seat.

They pulled up in front of the house that Holly shared with Jeff. Mike walked Holly to the door and he ran his finger down her cheek before leaning in to kiss her. They were making out on the porch when Jeff opened the door, “What the fuck?”

Mike and Holly pulled away from each other, “Jeff, you ruin every fucking thing, don’t you?”

“Well, if you weren’t such a fucking whore,” he said as Holly slapped him before pushing him out of the way and going to her room.

“That was low dude,” Mike said.

“You want to talk about shit being low; how the fuck could you do this to me?”

“Do what to you?”

“How could you sleep with her?”

“The last time I checked, you two weren’t in a relationship.”

“Whatever,” Jeff said going to shut the door.

“Don’t forget we have practice tomorrow,” Mike said.

“Fuck you and fuck practice,” Jeff replied slamming the door in Mike’s face.

“Motherfucker,” he heard Mike say as he locked the door and walked towards Holly’s room.

“Come on Holly, talk to me,” Jeff said standing in front of the door.

“Leave me alone, please,” she said, “Just fucking let me cool off for a while.”

“Holly, just listen.”

“I’m not listening to anything that you have to say. You’re a fucking douche bag.”

“I’m done trying,” Jeff said walking away from the door.

“I swear to God as soon as I find another apartment, I’m fucking moving out. I don’t want to live here with you anymore.”

“Good because I don’t want to live with you either!”

An hour later, Jeff was ranting to RJ and Ben over the Xbox headset about how he and Holly had gotten into an argument about her sleeping with Richie. Both Ben and RJ agreed that he was overreacting and neither one of them were afraid to tell him that he was acting like a teenager.

“You should just talk to her,” RJ said, “Go into her room, sit on the bed next to her and tell her how you feel.”

“RJ, you’re a pussy,” Ben fired back.

“TOUCHDOWN,” Jeff screamed causing the men to groan.

“Back to the subject at hand,” RJ said, “I mean even though she’s your fuck buddy or something, she’s still a human being.”

“You’re right,” Jeff said, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow at practice.”

Jeff turned the game off and walked down to Holly’s room. Not bothering to knock since he knew she was probably sleeping, Jeff slipped into the room and closed the door behind him.

Holly was facing the door and Jeff took the opportunity to slip in bed next to her. Running his fingers down her arm, Jeff rubbed her cheek with his hand before placing a light kiss on her lips.

“Jeff,” she murmured, “Get out and let me sleep.”

“I’m sorry, Holly,” he said as she turned and faced the window.

“Get out,” she said again but Jeff refused and put his arm around her waist and pulled her into him.

“I didn’t mean to call you a slut, you’re right; you’re free to sleep with whoever you want.”

“Jeff, you and I both know that you have fucked everyone and their mother, literally. I don’t know why you are mad that I slept with Mike. I’m going to sleep on the couch.”

“No, you are not,” Jeff said pulling her tightly against him placing a kiss on the back of her neck.

“Just let me sleep,” she said pushing his arm off of her, “You can stay here but don’t touch me.”

Jeff sighed and moved away from Holly. Lying on his back, he stared up at the ceiling for what felt like forever before falling asleep. Jeff felt movement next to him and Holly put her head on his chest before putting her arm over his stomach. Jeff kissed her forehead and pulled her in close to him.

If having sex with her was a sin then Jeff was sure he was going to hell but he knew he was going to have to accept that one day, he would not be the only man in her life and would have to give her up but right now he was living in the moment, which to him was the sweetest sin.

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