Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chapter 10-Tonight, You're Mine

Holly sighed as she exited the elevator to begin her 12 hour work day at the hospital. She wanted to stay home in bed all day, so she didn't have to hear her co-workers gushing over their husbands and boyfriends sending them flowers and cute little notes. Holly hated Valentine's Day, she was always alone on the most romantic holiday of the year.

Putting her purse in the drawer next to her desk, she clocked in and began her rounds checking on her patients. They were all happy to see her back from her three week long vacation.

"Holly, welcome back," Patricia greeted as Holly walked by the other nurse's station at the end of the hall.

"Thanks Patricia, how are you?"

"I'm doing well, honey," the chubby middle aged woman said, "How are you?"

"I could be better but I'm not complaining."

Patricia smiled slightly before answering the phone that had begun ringing. Holly sighed as she saw Lauren sitting at the desk. She had two weeks to think about what had happened between the two of them, and she felt bad about arguing with Lauren.

"Hi," Holly said being the first to break the silence.

"Hi," Lauren replied smiling slightly.

"I'm sorry," Holly said, "I overreacted about everything. I shouldn't have slept with Mike either, but it hurt seeing my best friend with Jeff."

"I never should have slept with Jeff, I'm sorry. I regret that night and I'd change it if I could."

Holly sat down in the chair next to Lauren, "I love him," she admitted for the first time to someone other than herself. Riley knew, but he didn't care.

"Who," Lauren asked.

"Jeff," Holly sighed, "I realized I loved him after I spent the night with Riley a couple of days after I caught you two together. I snuck out in the middle of the night after writing him a note. I feel the same way about Riley now like I do about Mike. We can be friends and nothing more. I've been through everything with Jeff and it just feels right."

Lauren smiled, "I think he loves you. When he says your name, he has this look in his eyes that is pure love."

Holly smiled reaching put her arms to hug Lauren. Lauren stood up and hugged her back, "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too," Holly said, "Let's call it water under the bridge."

Lauren smiled and they fell into their normal work day routine like nothing had happened. The phone rang and Lauren answered it and found herself giggling. Holly rolled her eyes as she heard Lauren agree to go out for the night with Mike. It was good to see that those two had worked everything out.

Holly went to go check on her patients and when she came back, there were roses on the desk with her name on them. She found the card and she felt her breath hitch in her throat as she saw who they were from.


I'm sorry! Be mine tonight, please?


Holly sighed as she shoved the card into the pocket of her shirt. Pulling out her cell phone, she texted Jeff and told him thank you for the flowers. Holly didn’t get a response right away and she knew that Jeff was probably still at practice and wouldn’t get back to her until later.

Lauren returned from the coffee shop downstairs and set a coffee down in front of Holly, “So, who are the flowers from?”

“Jeff,” Holly replied taking a sip of her drink.

“Aw,” Lauren gushed, “Mike sent me flowers this morning.”

“I’m glad you two worked everything out.”

Lauren sighed, “He followed me home that night and he wanted the truth. I told him everything and he told me that you two had slept together as revenge. We aren’t even together but Mike wants to start over like nothing happened. I never should have let it get as far as it did.”

Holly laughed as she looked at Lauren who looked at her like she was crazy, “What’s so funny?”

“I have just one question to ask you.”


“How was he?”


“Jeff,” Holly replied.

“That was my first time but let me tell you, I think I have no expectations of men after him. How the hell do you keep up with him?”

“Mike is almost as good as Jeff,” Holly smirked, “I keep up with Jeff because I have the same sex drive he does. We just work when we’re together.”

Lauren couldn’t stop the blush from her cheeks and Holly laughed as her phone vibrated in her pocket.

I’m glad you didn’t give them to Patricia. I’ll pick you up tonight at your sister’s house be ready at 7. Make sure you wear something nice.

Holly put her phone back in her purse as her and Lauren fell into conversation as if nothing ever happened. Before Holly knew it, it was time to go home. Working 5am-5pm was stressful but she had tomorrow morning off and would be able to enjoy her night with Jeff without cutting it short because she had to work.

When Holly got back to her sister’s house, she searched through her makeshift closet trying to find something to wear. Holly called out to her Stephanie for help but when they couldn’t find anything in her closet, they went to Stephanie’s room. Stephanie found a dress that didn’t fit her anymore that still had the tags on it. It was a 1950s style red dress with a black belt. Holly fell in love with it as soon as she saw it.

“Who are you going out with tonight,” Stephanie asked.

“Jeff is taking me out.”

“Holly,” Stephanie sighed, “Are you sure that’s a good idea.”

“I talked to Lauren today; we both apologized to each other and Jeff sent me flowers. Please spare me the lecture.”

Stephanie sighed, “Okay, I’ll shut up.”

Holly was finishing curling her hair when the doorbell rang, “I’ll be there in a second,” she called out down the stairs. Stephanie and her husband had left to go out for the night.

Holly shrugged into her coat and opened the door. Jeff stood on the other side with a smile on his face and a rose in his hands. Holly wrapped her arms around him in a hug and Jeff kissed the top of her head.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered handing her the rose.

“Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself,” Holly replied. Jeff was dressed in a black suit with a black shirt and a red tie.

“We match,” Holly smiled as Jeff walked her to the car.

“Your sister called me and told me what you were wearing. She also told me that if I fuck up again, she’ll hang my balls from the Rocky statue.”

Holly laughed lightly as Jeff drove back towards Philadelphia from Stephanie’s home in Haddonfield.

“Where are we going,” Holly asked.

“We’re going to Bliss. It just opened down on South Broad Street.”

“We always go to eat down there,” Holly joked causing Jeff to laugh.

They arrived in front of the restaurant and Jeff handed the keys to the valet before helping Holly out of the car. They were seated at a table towards the back of the restaurant. Throughout dinner, Jeff and Holly caught up to what was happening in each other’s lives for the last three weeks.

They ate their dinners in silence and Jeff paid the bill before grabbing Holly’s hand and leading her out of the restaurant. The temperature had dropped and Holly shivered. Jeff noticed and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her in close to him.

Holly inhaled his cologne and for the first time in three weeks, she was happy. Jeff drove towards their house in Philadelphia. Holly sighed as she walked through the doors and immediately felt comfortable being back home.

“I’ll be right back,” Jeff said as he slipped into his bedroom. Holly sat down on the couch and took off her shoes.

Jeff came back to the living room with his shirt now untucked and his tie discarded. He sat down next to Holly and wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her close to him, “I’m sorry Holly, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.”

Holly silenced Jeff with a kiss; she had been dying to do it all night. Jeff cupped Holly’s face in his hands and kissed her as if his life depended on it. Jeff lay back on the couch pulling Holly with him. His hands unzipped her dress and he brought the straps down her shoulders. Holly unbuttoned Jeff’s shirt and he sat up slipping it off. Jeff groaned as he saw the black lace bra and boy shorts that Holly was wearing. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he made his way upstairs to his bedroom where he laid her down on the bed.

Holly gasped as Jeff slid the panties down her legs and traced her slit with his fingers, “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

“Stop teasing,” Holly warned, “Please?”

Jeff slid his pants and boxers off while Holly took her bra off. Holly gasped as the tip of Jeff’s dick traced her slit and he entered her slowly. Her eyes rolled back into her head as Jeff made the first stroke.

“You feel so good, baby,” he whispered as Holly dug her nails into his back. Jeff reached between them and tweaked Holly’s clit with his fingers sending her over the edge before he spilled himself into her.

Jeff collapsed on top of Holly before placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Jeff rolled to Holly’s side and wrapped his arm around her waist and they stayed like that for a while just enjoying each other’s company. Holly heard Jeff’s breathing even out and she whispered what she had been dying to say but chickened out, “I love you,” she whispered before curling into his chest and falling asleep. Jeff heard her and he smiled to himself before drifting back off to sleep himself.

They had a long way to go before everything was back to normal between the two of them but little did they know nothing would ever be normal again in their lives. It would no longer be the two of them and they would have to learn to rebuild their lives around the change that was coming.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chapter 9-S{he} Be{lie}ve{d}

Holly lay in the bed of the hotel room that Riley had booked for the two of them feeling like she had gotten ran over by a truck. Everything had hit her at once as she thought about everything that Riley had done for her when she arrived. It was picture perfect, but when he kissed her, all she could see was Jeff’s blue eyes staring back at her.

Riley was gentle with her whispering sweet nothings in as he made love to her. When Holly arrived, Riley greeted her wearing a white bathrobe while holding a glass of wine. Riley led her to the bathroom where he had candles lit on the sink and all over the room. Rose petals outlined the bed and the floor, when Holly had asked him why he had outdone himself, he simply replied, that she deserved it and that he’d do anything for someone that he loved.

Holly turned over on her side staring at the wall as Riley snored slightly behind her. She loved Riley but all she could think about was Jeff. He had hurt her deeply after he promised that he never would but Holly felt her clench at the thought of her possibly being in love with him. How she felt about Jeff now was the same way she had felt about Riley when she first met him, now all she felt for Riley was a friendly feeling that she felt for the other guys that she knew.

When she saw Jeff, she felt butterflies in her stomach and a desire to protect him from the fame monster that he sometimes fell victim to. Holly knew that although Riley said he loved her, he loved his wife more than anything in the world and that he lied to her so that she’d believe him and she’d end up sleeping with him.

Holly felt Riley shift in the bed behind her as he rolled over in his sleep. Securing his arm around her waist, he resumed snoring as Holly slowly and carefully lifted his arm before climbing out of bed. Holly gathered her clothes and got dressed. Grabbing the hotel supplied tablet and pen, she quickly scribbled down a note to Riley.


Thank you for everything last night but we both know that this has to end for good. I loved you and I still do but I love you now like I love Mike, as a friend. I sat up all night thinking about things and I’ve realized that I love Jeff. How I feel about Jeff is the same way I felt about you when I first met you. You need to be with your wife who loves you more than anything in this world. We have some great memories that I will remember forever, but there’s only room in your life for one Holly…and I’m not her. You will always be the first man that I have ever loved, I wish you would have came into my life sooner but then again I don’t because I wouldn’t be in love with Jeff.

Holly kissed the piece of paper leaving her lip prints on the sheet before she placed it on her pillow next to Riley. Making her walk of shame towards the elevators, Holly descended downstairs to the exit of the hotel where a cab was waiting to take her home.

Holly arrived home shortly before nine in the morning, Jeff was gone for the day which meant she’d get to sleep and be alone for awhile while she settled everything she was feeling before he came home. Opening the door with her key, she immediately saw the new dining room table and chairs. Smiling slightly, she hung her coat on the hook before heading upstairs to her room to sleep until she woke up.

Meanwhile, Jeff woke up the next morning not feeling well. The flu was hitting the Flyers hard, and Jeff knew that it was only a matter of time before he too caught the virus. Jeff was laying under three blankets but he couldn’t keep warm no matter how hard he had tried. He felt a wave of nausea overcome him and he rushed to the bathroom.

Holly heard dry heaving and gagging coming from the room next door to hers. She rolled her eyes figuring Jeff was just nursing a hangover before climbing into the hot shower that she had running. When she was finished, she heard Jeff on the phone with his coach explaining that he had caught the flu like the other guys on the team had came down with.

Swallowing her pride, Holly walked into the hall and saw Jeff’s pale face. He had on sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a comforter wrapped around him.

“Are you okay,” she asked as he hung up the call.

“Do I look okay,” he snapped but Holly chose to ignore it. Everyone is miserable when they’re sick but today was not Jeff’s day to take an attitude

Holly slowly approached Jeff, feeling his forehead, she frowned at how warm he was. Holly replaced her hand with her lips, something her mother used to do to her when she was sick with a fever that wasn't taught in nursing school.

“Go lay down, I’ll go get the thermometer then I’ll call Dr. Milano and tell him that you have come down with the flu.”

Jeff gave up without a fight and went into his bedroom where he crawled back in bed pulling the covers up to his chin.

"Open your mouth," Holly said sitting on the bed next to him placing the object in his mouth.

Holly placed her fingers on Jeff's wrist and looked at the clock on the wall, "Your pulse is okay," she said as the thermometer beeped. Holly pulled it out of Jeff's mouth and frowned at the numbers on the small screen, "102.3."

Jeff growled causing Holly to smile, "Fuck me," he groaned.

"Here, take these," she said reaching into her pocket to pull put two Tylenol that would hopefully break his fever, "Try to get some rest, I'll be back in when you wake up to see if your fever has gone down. I'm going to CVS to get your prescription, do you want anything else?"

"I need more condoms," Jeff said with a smirk, "We're all out."

Holly couldn't help but laugh at him, even sick with the flu, he was still a pig but that's why she loved him, right?

"I'll grab Gatorade and soup while I'm gone. Please stay in bed," she asked and Jeff nodded.

"There's a fifty in my wallet, take it to cover everything."

"It's fine, I got it. Call me if you need anything else, I'll be back as soon as I can."

Holly left Jeff's room suddenly not mad at him. He was sick and she hated seeing him so helpless. Jeff was always the strong one and Holly didn't like it when he looked weak.

Holly went to the drug store to get Jeff's prescription before going to Costco to shop for food Jeff would need over the next couple of days.

Holly laughed as she walked through the health section of the wholesale store and saw the 1000 pack of condoms, “If he goes through these, he needs help,” she whispered to herself as she made her way to the checkout.

The cashier gave Holly a weird look as she scanned the condoms and placed them into the box that held Holly’s groceries. Holly dared her to say something as she swiped her credit card. Holly had stayed out longer than she had intended to.

When Holly arrived home, Jeff was asleep while curled up under a blanket on the couch. Holly sat down on the coffee table and nudged him awake, he groaned as he slowly came to his senses, "How are you feeling," she asked as he slowly sat up.

"Like shit," he replied as she handed him the Gatorade and flu medicine.

"Are you hungry," she asked.

Jeff shook his head no and Holly stood up to go back to the kitchen when Jeff reached for her hand. Holly wanted to pull away but for some reason, she didn't. Jeff looked up at her sadly before pulling her down to his lap wrapping the blanket around them as he lay back with Holly on top of him.

"Jeff, I have to go make dinner," she said struggling to get up before her emotions got the best of her.

"Stay here a little while, please," he asked, "You're warm and I'm cold."

Holly reluctantly lay still trying not to cry as Jeff kissed her forehead gently, before he too fell asleep. The doorbell rang and Holly silently thanked the Heavens above for saving her. Carefully removing herself from Jeff, she walked towards the door.

Mike smiled seeing her clad in just sweatpants and a Flyers hoodie, "Look who has the I got laid last night look on their face," he replied smirking.

"Can we not talk about last night," she asked as her and Mike made their way to the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Mike sat in the stool as Holly put the groceries away. Holly threw the box of condoms in Jeff's lap before returning to the kitchen."

"Where'd you go last night? Jeff said you came home in a taxi this morning."

“I went to stay in a hotel, I couldn’t be under the same roof with him anymore.”

“So…you didn’t go to the Double Tree and have a romantic evening with Riley?”

Holly froze, “How did you find out?”

“Riley’s the one who was called up while Jeff is sick, he told me this morning.”

“FUCKING ASSHOLE,” they both heard Jeff scream. They turned their heads and saw him standing in the entryway of the kitchen, “What the fuck Holly? You keep going back for more and getting hurt, are you that much of a slut?”

Holly didn’t have time to react as Jeff’s head snapped to the side and the red handprint made its appearance on the left side of his face. Holly stormed upstairs and slammed her bedroom door shut. Holly knew Jeff would find out about her night with Riley but she had hoped that she’d be the one telling him when everything was finally settled between them.

Holly heard the doorbell ring downstairs and she knew someone had come over. She heard Lauren’s voice and she wanted to throw herself out of the bedroom window.

“Holly,” Mike said coming into the room, “Can you please come downstairs and talk to them? You haven’t let them explain anything. We have some explaining to do ourselves, let’s just get this over with.”

Holly sat up slowly on the bed and Mike sat down next to her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he kissed her forehead telling her that everything would be okay and to relax.

“Everything will be okay,” he whispered, “I promise, come on let’s get this over with.”

He grabbed her hand and wiped the tears away from her eyes with his free hand, “Thank you, Mike.”

“Anytime Holly, I’ll always be here,” he smiled as they walked downstairs and saw Lauren sitting on the chair and Jeff sitting on the couch.

Holly stood in the doorway, “Someone better start talking,” she said, “I want this over and done with.”

“Holly, I’m so sorry,” Lauren cried, “I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

Holly laughed sarcastically, “No one ever means for it to happen but it does. I seriously thought I could trust you and that you weren’t friends with me just for who I knew.”

“I swear it was never like that.”

“Holly, stop making this a one sided situation,” Jeff said, “You are guilty too, I know you fucked Mike for revenge, he told me and I know you fucking spent the night with Riley last night. I don’t understand why you are yelling at Lauren when you are just as fucking guilty as all of us sitting in this room right now. With all of the shit you’ve done with Mike, Riley, and me…you are no better than any one of us. If anything, I think you were using me.”

“Using you,” Holly snapped, “Jeff, I’m a fucking nurse who can keep up with your monthly salary even though I don’t make as much as you. I never fucking asked you for anything, I pay for my own shit and I pay all of the utilities in the house and half of the mortgage now. I am not fucking using you. I could give two shits about the Flyers to be honest with you.”

Jeff sat there clearly not knowing what to say when Holly started on Lauren again, “I never took you for a slut but hey I don’t blame you for fucking Jeff, I mean look at him. I guess the only thing I’ve ever used him for was sex but he’s the one who suggested this whole fucked up relationship him and I have anyways,” Holly said trying not to let the tears fall, “For three years, I’ve watched Jeff use everything with a fucking vagina, so you’re no different than any of the other girls he fucked. He was drunk and you were convenient for him.”

“Slut,” Lauren laughed, “You seriously have the nerve to call me a slut when you have slept with Riley, Jeff, and Mike. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black then I don’t know what is.”

“Well you’re not a virgin anymore, so that makes you a slut since you fucked Jeff when he was drunk. At least I’ve had those three both sober and drunk. If that makes me a slut then so be it.”

“You two both need to stop before you both say something that you regret,” Mike said as Lauren started to cry. He was ready to forgive Lauren as he watched her break down. He knew there was something that she wasn’t telling Holly and he hoped it wasn’t what he thought it was.

“I WAS A FUCKING VIRGIN,” Lauren screamed causing the room to fall silent, “I was a virgin, okay and I slept with Jeff. I can never get that night back, Holly; I thought you were my friend. I should go,” she said standing up and grabbing her purse.

Mike breathed a sigh of relief and stood up, “I need to talk to her. You two need to work everything out. Holly, you are more than welcomed to stay at my house if you’d like.”

Holly whispered a thank you as Mike walked out of the house leaving her and Jeff to be there by themselves. Holly could see the color was still drained from Jeff’s face and he was still sick.

“You need to go get some rest,” she said, “You will never get better if you stress yourself out. Go upstairs and go to sleep, I’m going to stay with my sister.”

“Do whatever the fuck you want, I don’t care,” Jeff said standing up from the couch and walking upstairs.

Holly walked upstairs a couple of minutes later and packed her suitcase. She was moving out for now while everything cooled down. She needed to live her life without Jeff for a while and she didn’t know how she would do it, he was her everything, he just needed to realize that without each other, they were nothing.