Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chapter 6-Happy Bitchgiving

Three weeks had passed since Holly’s run in with Riley and it was now a three days before Thanksgiving. Holly had to work until nine in the morning while Lauren worked all day. Ben Eager’s family was flying down from Canada to celebrate the American holiday and they had invited the guys over Ben’s house for dinner.

“Ben called,” Holly said coming out of her room to tell Jeff who was tying his tie in a hallway mirror.

“What the fuck,” Jeff snapped straightening the finished tie, “I told that bastard that I’d pick him up at four, and it is only three thirty.”

Holly laughed as she put a dimple in Jeff’s tie, “Calm down, he didn’t call for his ride, he called to ask us if we were going to his house for Thanksgiving.”

“Well, I don’t know, are we?”

Holly shook her head ‘no’ and Jeff looked at her questioningly, “What do you mean no?”

“I may or may not have told my mom we were going to go to her house for Thanksgiving,” Holly whispered and Jeff sighed.

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” he said, “She fucking hates me.”

“She only hates you because we’re ‘living in sin.’”

“Exactly,” Jeff replied, “I kind of like my dick and my sanity; she wants to castrate me and I think if she found out half of the shit we did without being together, she’d go all crazy Church lady and call her priest to have an exorcism performed on the both of us.”

“Don’t kill me,” Holly said causing Jeff to raise an eyebrow.

“I don’t like the sound of that, Holly what did you tell her?”

“Itoldherweweretogether,” Holly said quickly hoping Jeff didn’t hear it.

“YOU WHAT,” he screamed, “Oh God, my dick is going to be Thanksgiving dinner. She’s going to chop it off and roast it in the fire place. Why the fuck would you do that?”

“I just couldn’t say, ‘Oh hey, Jeff and me fuck each other senseless and we’re not together or ever plan on being together.’ I had to tell her something, so I told her we were together.”

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow,” Jeff said grabbing his coat, “Have fun at work, I hope you get groped by an old man.”

“Real mature, asshole,” Holly said and Jeff stuck his tongue out at her, “I hope you score on your own goalie.”

Jeff flipped her off and walked out of the house. Holly went back into her room to take a shower before she had to be at work. It was one of the final days she had to work before her vacation that would begin on Thanksgiving.

Holly and Lauren were working together and listening to the game on the radio. Holly barely had time to listen to it because she kept running back and forth making rounds because her patients kept pressing the call button.

“What are you doing for Thanksgiving,” Lauren asked when they finally had time to sit down and talk.

“Going to my mom’s house, Jeff’s not too thrilled about it but I don’t give a fuck.”

“Does your mom still think that you two are together?”

“Yup and Jeff has these theories that she is going to chop his dick off and then call a priest to give us exorcisms.”

Lauren laughed as the two women heard a goal horn go off on the radio and the announcer said that Mike had scored a goal and Jeff got the assist.

“They’re still going to lose,” Holly joked causing Lauren to laugh and nod her head in approval.

“Are we still going shopping on Black Friday,” Lauren asked.

“I thought you worked until three in the morning?”

“Nope, I work until midnight, I’ll go home, take a nap and we’ll be in line by five. What store do you want to go to first?”

“We have to check and see what store has good sales first? I’m leaning towards going to the mall.”

“Mall sounds good,” Lauren replied as the call button went off again, “I am going to shove that fucking button up their asses if it goes off one more time.”

“I don’t think that is part of our job,” Holly joked.

“Like I give a fuck,” Lauren said standing up and heading down the hallway. Holly laughed and started her paperwork that had to be done. Before she knew it, she was making her final round before heading home to get some sleep.

November 23, 2006

Holly came home to find Jeff asleep on the couch with the credits from “Wedding Crashers” playing on the large TV. Holly pulled the blanket over him and went to work in the kitchen making the pumpkin pie that she had promised her mom she would make.

Jeff woke up to the smell of cinnamon in the house. Standing up and stretching before making his way into the kitchen, he saw three pumpkin pies on the counter. Heading into the kitchen to grab a fork, he finally noticed the post-it that was sticking to his forehead. Jeff pulled it off and read it before sighing like a small child that was being scolded.

Do not eat the pies, two of them are for us and one is for my mom.
Please do not taint my mom’s pie either.


Jeff pouted and opened the freezer to grab the Eggo waffles. Popping them into the toaster, he grabbed the syrup from the cupboard about the counter and turned on the coffee pot.

Jeff looked at the clock when he was finished eating and saw that it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon on the stove clock. Standing up from the table, he washed his plate in the sink before heading to Holly’s room to wake her up.

Holly was already up and noticed Jeff standing in the doorway from the mirror she was sitting on the floor in front of putting her make-up on.

“Oh good, you’re up and we can go to your psycho mom’s house,” Jeff said sarcastically pushing off the door frame and heading further into the room.

“Oh good, you’re an asshole,” Holly replied smirking as Jeff tackled her to the floor and started tickling her.

“I’m not going to stop unless you say you’re sorry,” Jeff laughed as Holly squirmed underneath him.

“I’m not sorry,” she giggled and he straddled her hips and pinned her wrists above her head smiling down at her. Holly was still laughing as Jeff leaned down and kissed her.

He let her wrists go and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jeff rubbed his hand over her bare side before running his hand over her bra clad breasts. Holly moaned as Jeff’s lips attacked her neck.

“Jeff, we can’t, we have to leave at three,” she moaned as Jeff slid the straps of the bra down her arms.

“It’s only two thirty,” he replied, “I can make you come in then minutes.”

Holly felt herself grow hotter than she already was as Jeff slid the thin strip of lace out of the way before sliding his boxers down his legs, “Condoms are in my room, did you take your pill today,” Jeff asked breathless as his fingers stroked Holly’s folds.

“Yes,” she moaned and Jeff slid into her causing her to shriek. Jeff began slow then started going as fast as he good while reaching between them and tweaking her clit with his fingers. Holly let out a yell and Jeff took it that she was close. Her walls clamped around him and Jeff felt her juices spill over his dick. Jeff pulled out before he came and Holly was on her knees in a flash sucking him off. Jeff tangled his hands in Holly’s hair as she stroked him and slid more of him down her throat. Jeff shot his load into her throat and she stood up kissing him before he went to shower leaving her to get dressed and fix her hair.

Holly was in the car when Jeff was finished getting ready and they drove to her family’s house in Haddonfield, NJ. Jeff groaned as they pulled into the driveway, “I swear I better go to heaven after putting up with this hell all fucking day,” he said as he got out of the car and shut the door.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Holly said as she dug the key out of her purse and unlocked the door.

Jeff held the screen door open while Holly opened the door for them, after they both took their shoes and coats off by the door, Holly and Jeff made their way into the kitchen.

“Hold my hand,” Holly said to Jeff who reached down and entwined their fingers together.

“Aunt Holly’s here,” Steven, Holly’s nephew said jumping up from the dining room table and running over to hug her legs.

Jeff took the pie from Holly’s hands as she bent down to pick up the five year old boy, “My baby,” she said kissing his cheek as he hugged her neck.

“Hi Jeff, want to play hockey downstairs?”

“I’m going to go set the pie down and say hello to your grandma then we’ll play, okay,” Jeff asked and the boy nodded his head in agreement as he jumped out of Holly’s arms and ran downstairs.

Jeff wrapped his arm around Holly’s waist and they headed into the kitchen where Holly’s sister, Stephanie was helping her mom cook.

“Holly,” Stephanie said hugging her sister, “It’s so good to see you. Hey Jeff, how are you?”

“Not too bad,” he said giving her a hug, “You?”

“Getting ready to have baby number two,” she replied rubbing her stomach as Jeff sat the pie down on the counter.

“Hi Jane,” Jeff said.

“Hello Jeff,” she greeted coldly before hugging Holly, “I see you guys are out of the playoffs already.”

Jeff rolled his eyes as Holly scolded her mother for being rude, “Mom, stop it.”

Jane hugged her daughter before turning around to finish mixing the gravy on the stove.

“Bitch,” Jeff mumbled and Holly elbowed him.

“Go play with Steven,” she whispered and Jeff kissed her temple before heading downstairs to play hockey with the child.

Holly and Stephanie were talking about Stephanie’s pregnancy when Jane called out to the boys downstairs that dinner was ready.

Holly’s dad, Tom and her brother-in-law Brad came upstairs first followed by Jeff who had Steven hanging off of his back.

They sat down at the table as Jane placed the turkey down in the center of it before taking her seat, looking at Jeff a smile was placed upon Jeff as she challenged him to say grace.

“Jeff, would you like to lead us in a prayer,” she smiled and Holly gulped audibly.

Jeff forced a smile and grabbed Holly and Stephanie’s hands before clearing his throat, “Bless us oh Lord and these fine gifts that we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

“Amen,” everyone said in unison and Jane stuck her nose up in the air as Jeff won the challenge. After everyone had eaten as was visibly full, they began talking about Jeff’s hockey and Holly’s job at the hospital. Jane remained quiet while everyone spoke and finally she spoke up and Holly wanted to slap her own mother.

“So Jeff, when are you going to marry Holly and have children like Stephanie and Brad?”

“Well, Holly and I have haven’t been together long enough to make that commitment but when it gets to it, we will,” he lied as Holly picked her nails.

“Holly, why can’t you be more like your sister,” Jane asked and Holly rolled her eyes.

“Mom, can we not start this,” she asked and Jane shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not? I mean it’s obvious you two aren’t doing what the Bible says to do,” she began.

“Here we fucking go,” Jeff whispered and Brad laughed hearing the comment from next to Holly.

“Maybe because I don’t read the Goddamn Bible,” Holly snapped and Jeff tried to hold back his laughter but failed miserably.

“Is something funny, Jeff,” Tom asked and Jeff boldly shook his head ‘yes.’

“I think it is funny that you two think you are the perfect Christians but in reality you guys aren’t. Not even Jesus would treat me or Holly like shit,” Jeff replied and Holly couldn’t believe Jeff wasn’t backing down from her parents.

“Jeff, let’s go,” Holly said standing up from the table.

“Run away like you always do, Holly, run away,” Jane said.

Jeff and Holly got in the car and Jeff laughed the whole way home, “I feel bad for your future husband, he has to put up with two Jesus lovers who don’t practice what they preach.”

Holly couldn’t help but laugh as they drove back to their “house of sin.” So much for a Happy Thanksgiving, right?

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